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Physical Distancing & Your Next Appointment

We have implemented the required covid-19 safety protocols to help you stay safe. We went above and beyond the stringent policies we already had in place, created new patient flows to adhere to physical distancing guidelines and procured the necessary protective equipment to keep all of our patients and staff safe.

Before your next visit, we wanted to highlight to you some of the changes we have made to further protect your health. Here is the list of new safety protocols we have put in place.

Patient Screening

As part of our Covid-19 safety protocols, the day before your appointment, we will call you to perform a ‘Reappointment Screening’, for the purpose of determining if you have any COVID-19 symptoms before arriving at our office.


Patient Protection Station

At the front entrance, we’ve added a ‘Patient Protection Station’, which includes hand sanitizer and face masks for your use. After each appointment, we will clean, disinfect and sterilize the operatory, instruments and all surfaces.


Interaction Limits

At our reception desks, we’ve installed Plexiglas barriers and placed ‘Stand Here’ markers on the ground away from the desk to encourage physical distancing.

Physical Distancing

In our waiting room, we’ll leave the minimum number of chairs for seating and ensure they are placed 2 metres (6 feet) apart. Our staff members will wipe down all surfaces with an approved surface cleaner as well.

Your Comfort Is Our Concern

If at any time, you feel unsure of the new protocols, feel free to ask our staff about the proper procedures. We will also post signs in specific areas to help guide you through the new process.


Staff Monitoring

In addition to these new protocols, our staff will continuously self-monitor for any symptoms (fever with either cough or sore throat, or muscle aches) they may experience and will quarantine for the mandatory 14 days in the event they are ill.

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