Orthodontist examining little patient in Winnipeg

Has your general or family dentist has suggested that you or one of your children would benefit from a consultation with an orthodontist? If so, the ball is now in your court and you’ve got a bit of homework to do — finding the right orthodontist. Finding the right specialist who practices orthodontics in Winnipeg won’t be difficult, but it is important. Identifying the right blend of expertise, professionalism and compassion are critical to a positive experience of orthodontics near you.

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You can count on your family or general dentist to recommend an appropriate orthodontist, and that’s an excellent place to start. Your family or general dentist will only recommend someone whose expertise and professionalism they trust to care for one of their own patients. Having said that, you’re not required to accept any recommendation or referral. By all means, assess that potential orthodontists against the factors we’ll discuss below, but don’t hesitate to broaden your scope of potential orthodontists. Here are some things to consider if you’re looking for an orthodontist.

Visit your potential orthodontist

There’s only so much information you can glean from even the best website and the most friendly telephone call. Ask your potential new orthodontist Prairie if you can come to take a tour. If you’re looking for an orthodontist for your child, consider taking that child with you if it’s appropriate. They may ask you to do it during quiet hours, but it’ll be a chance to see the place, get a sense of the atmosphere, and get a sense of the clinic without having to trust everything you’re being told.

Pay them a visit

The treatment that your orthodontist provides to you or your child will impact your life — or your child’s life — for decades. Before confirming your new relationship, Ask your orthodontist to schedule a consultation where you can meet the orthodontist, discuss your family’s goals and concerns, and get a sense of staff’s compassion, diligence and attention to detail. Ask your family dentist to provide you with some basic information, images or documents to take with you to give you a head start in your discussions.

Aside from those process recommendations, here are a few issues that we recommend any family consider when searching for a dental clinic in Winnipeg that provides orthodontic care.

Confirm their credentials

Orthodontists are specialists, and take the time to confirm your potential orthodontist’s expertise. Consider asking these three questions: What degrees and certificates do you have? What specialized training have you received, and when? What forms of chiropractic treatment do you provide? (That last question is especially important if you’re looking for an orthodontist for a child or a patient with special needs.)

Have they kept up with the times?

Dental and orthodontic technology has evolved in leaps and bounds. Whatever types of orthodontic treatments such as Clear Aligner Therapy Or Invisalign you’re interested in, ask a potential orthodontist at a dental clinic near you about their most recent equipment upgrades and investments. Depending on the characteristics of the patient, you may be especially interested in factors like treatment under sedation or kid-friendly equipment and furniture.

If you have kids, do they treat kids?

Children have unique and specific orthodontic needs, especially if they are prone to feeling anxious and afraid. Dentists and orthodontists recommend that kids see an orthodontist for a consultation somewhere between the ages of seven to 10, just to ensure that all is well and to maintain a watching brief or even plan early interventions while treatment may be simpler and less invasive. Ask your potential orthodontist to describe their experience and expertise in working with the youngest patients.

Good luck in your search for the ideal dentist near you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions along the way.