Root Canal Treatment

Millions of root canals are performed each year because of the preventative nature of the treatment.

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When bacteria enter the soft inner tissue of the tooth (also known as tooth pulp), the result is often painful and uncomfortable. Root canal treatment allows us to preserve your natural teeth while relieving pain from inflammation and infection. Our experienced dentists have experience in providing comfortable and convenient root canal therapy. Please contact us if you would like to receive root canal therapy.

When Might You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Some signs that you may require root canal therapy are: 

  • Prolonged tooth sensitivity after exposure to hot or cold foods or beverages
  • Inflamed or tender gums
  • Acute pain when pressure is applied to the affected tooth
  • Small, painful spots around the affected tooth
  • Sudden darkening of a tooth
If you have noticed any of the above symptoms, call us at Vista Place Dental Centre for a consultation about a root canal. 

Protecting Your Natural Teeth

If you experience pain in the teeth or gums, swelling or inflammation, or sensitivity in a certain area of your mouth, you may have an infection inside a tooth. One option is to remove the tooth. However, to help patients avoid costly tooth replacements or the discomfort and risks of a missing tooth, our dental team will likely recommend root canal treatment. This allows us to remove the infected area without removing the tooth from your mouth. We offer root canal treatment to preserve your natural teeth.

What to Expect in a Non-Surgical Root Canal Procedure

Getting root canal treatment sounds unpleasant but can be completed fairly quickly and comfortably in our office. We use a local anesthetic to prevent patients from feeling pain, and we can also offer nitrous oxide dental sedation to ease anxiety and reduce other uncomfortable sensations, such as pressure, sounds, and smells. Many of our patients find that root canal procedures are similar to having dental fillings put in. It’s important to get treatment fast. Be sure to book a dental examination with our office as soon as possible if you experience symptoms of an infection, as they can turn into dangerous abscesses and spread to other parts of the face, head, neck, and body. Please contact us if you have any questions about receiving root canal treatment.

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