If you are hoping to achieve pearly white teeth in less time and with less effort, we can provide you with professional-grade teeth whitening products and services.

Our solutions are quick, inexpensive, and safe, offering excellent results that will have your teeth sparkling brightly. We can correct many types of staining and discolouration for people of any age.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Services

Ditch your dulled smile and trade it in for a brilliant one in no time at all. Our rapid Zoom whitening procedure takes only 20-30 minutes spent comfortably in the dental chair. The bleaching product we use far exceeds the strength of over-the-counter solutions, which can take weeks or months to have a minimal impact.

Take-Home Whitening Kits

Over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions can be uncomfortable and messy. Our dental team can provide you with professional take-home whitening kits designed specifically for your teeth. You’ll be equipped with customized whitening trays that hold the bleach firmly against your teeth while you sleep or go about your day. You’re likely to notice significant results in under a week. 

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