Women getting screening through CBCT Scanner in Winnipeg

Our practice is happy to welcome new dental technology to further enhance our services. We are pleased to add a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner to our practice. The CBCT scanner is an amazing device that takes three-dimensional images of a patient’s head and mouth. These detailed scans allow our dentists to create more precise and effective treatment plans.

What is a CBCT Scanner?

Not many people are familiar with CBCT scanners. When you think of digital imagery at the dentist, you typically envision the regular dental x-rays you may have received at your last dental checkup. The digital x-rays are two-dimensional, while the CBCT scans provide greatly detailed three-dimensional images of your teeth, tissues, and bone structure.

Compared to regular CT scans, CBCT scans provide a cone-shaped image with very fine details. The CBCT scanner is a smaller machine that allows patients to comfortably sit or stand as the machine rotates around their heads.

When Are CBCT Scanners Used?

CBCT scans are used for many reasons in dentistry as they provide a more comprehensive overview of the patient’s mouth compared to regular CT scans. These detailed images are greatly helpful in treatment planning. The following are examples of when CBCT scans may be used:

● Before dental implant or oral surgery
● Before wisdom teeth extractions
● To treat TMJ/TMD
● To detect infections in the tooth’s roots
● To detect cavities
● To treat tumours and cysts
● To treat bone fractures
● To treat cleft palate

What Are The Benefits of the CBCT Scanner?

There are many benefits to the CBCT scanner, some of which include:

The CBCT scanner uses less radiation
Many people are thrown off by x-rays due to the radiation. Luckily, the CBCT scanner enables our dentist to take accurate photos with less radiation than the traditional x-rays.

CBCT scans are quicker
These images are taken in ten seconds or less! Within a couple of seconds, the CBCT scanner takes extremely detailed images.

CBCT scans are extremely detailed images
The very detailed images provide our dentists with the ability to thoroughly diagnose and create more comprehensive treatment plans to ensure our patients achieve the best results.

The scans are non-invasive
Typical bitewing x-rays can be uncomfortable. The CBCT scanner removes any discomfort as the machine just rotates around your head. Please note that jewelry, removable oral appliances, and hearing aids must be removed before the scans can be taken.

Our team is pleased to use the CBCT scanner to help patients achieve beautiful and healthy smiles.

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Once again, our practice is pleased to offer this wonderful technology to enhance our treatments, diagnosis, and overall service. Please feel free to contact our practice if you are interested in learning more.