drinking with invisalign or braces what you should know

Our patients at Vista Place Dental sometimes ask questions about if they can continue to drink alcohol with braces or Invisalign. The answer depends on whether you have braces or Invisalign aligners. When it comes to traditional metal braces, they are attached to your teeth and resistant to staining, so to a certain extent, you can drink whatever you would like. When it comes to Invisalign near you, you will have to remove your aligners before you drink anything other than water.

The Relationship Between Our Teeth and Drinking

All of us have bacteria in our mouths, and while some of it is good, some of it is also harmful. Some bacteria feed off the starches and sugars that coat your teeth when you ingest foods and beverages. When this happens, the bacteria release acids that break down your tooth enamel, causing cavities. For this reason, our dentist recommends that you only ingest drinks such as soda, cocktails, and fruit juice in moderation, even if you aren’t undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Other beverages, such as red wine, tea, and coffee, can stain your teeth, so if you want to keep your smile looking white and bright, you will want to only drink these in moderation as well. Adult beverages such as mixed drinks with alcohol contain both sugar and acid, so while indulging in an alcoholic beverage on occasion is fine, drinking them on a regular basis can negatively impact your smile.

What Can You Drink With Braces?

As mentioned above, there are no major restrictions when it comes to ingesting beverages when you have braces. Drinking with braces will not cause damage to your wires or brackets. With this in mind, however, wearing braces does make you more vulnerable to plaque buildup because there are more spots for bacteria to accumulate. This is why our dental clinic in Winnipeg usually recommends that patients wearing braces limit their intake of sugary and acidic beverages, including mixed alcoholic beverages and sodas.

Beyond this, you will want to be mindful about how much coffee you ingest while wearing braces because it can stain your teeth. Since you have brackets covering the middle parts of your teeth, when your braces are removed, you may have a patchy-looking smile.

What Can You Drink With Invisalign?

Like braces, you can drink whatever you would like when you choose Invisalign in Winnipeg, but only when you aren’t wearing your aligners. It is vital that you remove your aligners to drink anything aside from water.

Since Invisalign aligners are made from clear plastic, drinking any hot beverages with them in can cause the plastic to warp, affecting how they fit and jeopardizing the effectiveness of your treatment. Additionally, drinking anything high in sugars or acids with your aligners in your mouth can lead to tooth decay. The aligners fit tightly against your teeth and can easily trap the sugar and acid, keeping them on your teeth for longer than usual.

How Can You Prevent Problems From Occurring When Drinking With Invisalign or Braces?

Here are some tips from our dental clinic near you:

  • Remove your Invisalign aligners before having a drink

  • Avoid nursing your drink over the course of many hours

  • Drink plenty of water- the water will rinse away some of the acid, sugar, and plaque and stimulate saliva production

  • Rinse your mouth before re-inserting your aligners

  • Remember that moderation is the key to a healthy and happy smile

If you have any more questions about your orthodontic treatment, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Vista Place Dental!